Banner County Repeater

Well its finally done. After three trips to the Banner County repeater site the work crew removed the wall on the building which is this


we then kicked out all our furry tenants, washed out the inside and removed the wall as seen here


The next trip was to rebuild the wall and install a new door


Today we made the third trip to cover the new wall and door with metal and paint the outside. All in all it was a great project that will give the club a building that will last for many many years with no more tenants (poor little furry critters). This is the finished product20160905_114836

I would like to thank kl7mh,kd0zxh, kw0r, wb0vao, kc0wve, w0ssb, aa0vj, and Schank Roofing for all there help and donations. All that’s left for this site is to install solar panels and reinstall the new repeater in the building.